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The number one question people ask when they come across Bling It! at an event or on-line is "Can I get a copy of your catalogue?"  The answer is always NO.  Bling It! is not part of a big corporate jewelry conglomerate, it is truly an independent company who's number one goal is to always bring you fresh, fashion-forward jewelry and handbags at affordable prices...if we published a catalogue every time we brought in new pieces, we'd be broke!!  
Instead, I invite you to visit the website regularly to see our product offering and latest arrivals.
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Welcome to Bling It! Fashion Jewelry & Accessories

Bling It! was started in the spring of 2011 by a couple of regular working moms who shared a love of fabulous, fashion-forward jewelry.  After a trip to Palm Springs earlier that year, where both ladies purchased some fantastic costume jewelry from a woman running an independent fashion jewelry stand, it was decided that there had to be a way to share their love for great affordable jewelry with their friends and families.....thus, Bling It! was born!

The Bling It! ladies spent a great deal of time searching out suppliers across North America to make sure the ones they selected to use were able to offer quality products, on-trend designs, and most importantly fair pricing. The number one mandate for Bling It! has always been to make owning fun, trendy jewelry affordable for every woman, so our suppliers had to meet this criteria, and we have found a few that consistantly do just that!  In the spring of 2012 we added handbags to our product offering, much to the delight of our dedicated customers, and you'll notice from both our amazing selection and our price points that we have again found awesome suppliers who fit in with the Bling It! mandate.

Bling It! is truly an independent business, with no hierarchy of management that can drive up costs for consumers.  We do this because we have a passion for great jewelry and handbags, we love searching out fabulous new pieces and sharing them with our friends, and we love making the world a more sparkly place!!

Thank you for taking the time to check out our site!!  If you would wish to leave a comment or have a question, please click on the CONTACT US tab to reach us directly.

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