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Love what you see on our website?  Want to try it all on and have your friends tell you how fabulous you look?  Host a Bling It! home party and one of our reps will set up your very own jewelry store right in the comfort of your own home!!

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Host a Bling It! Home Party!!

Hosting a Bling It! home party is truly a unique experience.  Unlike other jewelry parties, where you have to sit through a presentation and listen to how great it would be to work for that company, and then order your items and hope they are in stock so you might receive them in the next week or two, a Bling It! party offers you and your guests instant gratification!!  When the Bling It! rep gets to your home, she will set up your very own jewelry store in whatever space you have available.  All of the merchandise will be on display to view, try on, and fall in love with!  Best of all, whatever items you and your guests purchase are yours right then.....there is no placing orders from catalogues, no shipping fees, and zero waiting!!  Need more incentive to host a Bling It! home party? How about all of the FREE and discounted jewelry and handbags you can earn?

Here's How It Works:

Bling It! Hostess Rewards are our way of saying Thank You for inviting us into your home.  As the hostess for the party, you earn FREE and discounted bling based on the total sales at your party.....the more your friends and family purchase, the more free jewelry and handbags you earn!  Here's what you get:

  • 10% of total party sales (pre-tax) in FREE items.
  • One half-price item (and there is no exception to which item you take at half-price) if your party      sales are between $350-$499.
  • Two half-price items if your party sales are $500 or more.
  • a 20% discount on any additional purchase you wish to make.
  • An extra $5 Bling It! credit for every guest who books a party while at your party......and if you       attend that party, you'll receive your 20% discount on anything you purchase!!

Here's What It Takes to Host a Successful Bling It! Home Party:

So you've decided to invite Bling It! into your home for a party....thank you!!  Now what?  It's actually pretty simple!  Once you have contacted Bling It! and a date for your party has been set, it's time for you to spread the word to all of your friends and family.  Be sure to "over-invite", as not everyone will be able to attend.  Using e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc., is the easiest and quickest way to let everyone know about your party, and we strongly encourage you to share our website with your guests so they can have a sneak peak at what Bling It! has to offer.  Another way to ensure your invitees will want to attend your party is for you to stress that it is an "open-house" type of event....they are not required to stay for the whole time, there will be no presentation for them to sit through before they can start shopping, and most importantly let them know that whatever they purchase they get to take with them right away!! 

Still have questions?  Ready to book a Bling It! Home Party?  Click on the CONTACT US tab to get in touch with us!

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